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Thyroid Support Ireland

News, information and support for people with Thyroid conditions who live in Ireland

Support for thyroid illness is hard to find in Ireland but TSI is now three years old. We have 142 members from all over Ireland and around the world

May 2013 

I started this site in March 2010 and three years later I'm still blogging  occasionally about thyroid stuff.

TSI has more than 100 members now and we are trying to figure out how the site should develop and whether we should set up a charity which could offer people  more services than we do now. We are hoping to have an event in Dublin in March 2014 - a fun quiz on health and fitness where people can meet to talk thyroid.  Let me know if you would like to attend . It will be in the Ruseell Court Hotel Dublin 2

Thyroid Illness has many effects, including bulging eyes,(known as proptosis), dry skin, palpitations or tremors, depression, confusion  and mood swings. The effects vary widely, depending on whether the patient is overactive (hyperthyroid) or underactive (hypothyroid).  The good news is that  thyroid illnesses are treatable with drugs such as carbimazole, and the undesirable side effects  like bulging eyes  can also be treated using steroids, radiotherapy  (RT) or surgery.

I'm really pleased that people like  Elaine, Mary, Samhradh and Orlaith still find  being here worthwhile. Let me know what thyroid stuff  is on your mind .

 I had  my first thyroid related surgeryIn 2012. It was on my eyes- so I was nervous about that. The operation at dublin'e Eye & ear hospital  went fine, and my eyes do look much better now.

My other good news is that I'm still in Remission - Yes, my blood tests show that my T3 and T4 hormones are still within the range that endocrinology team at St Vincents Hospital in Dublin regard as normal.

My T3 and T4 hormone  levels have been normal since 2011 for more than two years now, so I feel really lucky that I have managed to regain thyroid balance. It took lots of work and focus,  and it's a different path for everyone, but it can be done without surgery to remove the gland. I was offered that option, and  I am very glad I refused it. It may not be the same story for you, as everyone is different, but  I'd say don't rush to abandon your thyroid gland just cos it's acting up. Get educated, get advice, eat right and live well and it may sort itself out. Finding good medical advice is also really important, so try to find a doctor with experience of treating thyroid illness.

Following a healthy diet low in saturated fats and high in whole foods, and goitrogenic vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, turnips and kale will also help  your body to  regain its natural  thyroid balance. It's important not to become a couch potato as gaining weight  will worsen your symptoms and lead to other undesirable health effects.

Regular exercise, sunshine  and relaxation are other important factors in healing, as stress is one of the major causes of thyroid illness, so on  this site we're keen to highlight healthy activities  that can aid healing.

This  blog is aimed at people who have recently been diagnosed with a thyroid conditrion, or who suspect they might have one, who would like to learn about others' experiences before deciding on  the  options they will be asked to consider, which  may include  radiotherapy, surgery to remove the  thyroid gland or orbital decompression on their eyes.   If you have an experience you'd like to share with others, you can make comments by joining this site as a member  or by   signing the guest book.  :) Shan

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